PupLabs Fresh Breathies

PupLabs Fresh Breathies

Fresh Breathies' high-quality, natural ingredients effectively freshen the dog's breath from the inside out. The ingredients in PupLabs Fresh Breathies help dogs' digestive health in a variety of ways.

> Better breath
> Support gut health
> Less flatulence
> Energy
> Support joint pain relief

Why Choose PupLabs Fresh Breathies


The NASC stands for the National Animal Supplement Council, which is a non-profit dedicated to protecting the health of our pets. They do this by monitoring manufacturers to ensure they use the best, most high-quality ingredients. The seal is a way for customers to know that when they buy a product, they’re buying from a highly reputable company. Now it’s really difficult for a manufacturer to get this seal of approval, so you can rest easy knowing what’s on the label is what’s in the product – no more, and no less.

Made For All Dogs

PupLabs Fresh Breathies was created and formulated to benefit all dogs, regardless of age or breed. Fresh Breathies helps manage bad dog breath from the inside out by utilizing only the highest-quality, natural ingredients. How? By using prebiotic fibers to help reverse the damage done to your dog's digestive system. As a result, your dog will be happier and healthier, and you will spend less time worrying and more time creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Many dog products contain corn, wheat, and other potentially hazardous and processed components. These ingredients are inexpensive for producers, allowing them to generate more money with each product produced. However, these substances are harmful to your dog's health, especially since dogs have not evolved to consume such processed, industrial diets. PupLabs Fresh Breathies includes only natural, nutritious, and beneficial elements that your dog will enjoy!

What is PupLabs Fresh Breathies

Fresh Breathies, which are only available online at GetPupLabs.com, are dog chews designed to freshen breath. PupLabs Fresh Breathies are made with delectable, all-natural flavors and are intended to refresh the dog's breath while still tasting great. They can aid in the maintenance of a healthy gut, gums, and teeth.

PupLabs Fresh Breathies include no artificial chemicals, wheat, or maize. They are designed to accommodate all dogs. Manufacturer instructions recommend giving dogs under 50 pounds one chew per day and larger dogs two chews per day. Fresh Breathies cost around $49 per jar, with savings available for large purchases.

Chews are being used by dog owners all over the world to boost digestive health, vitality, joint pain relief, and other internal effects.

PupLabs Fresh Breathies is the most effective dental dog chew product for providing dogs with fresh breath. It can quickly eliminate foul breath and improve your dog's oral health. The product includes fresh-smelling chicken-flavored dental chews.

It is appropriate for all dogs, regardless of age or breed. Every dog can benefit from the formula right away. It is made by only using natural and high-quality substances that are 100% effective and safe.

This product contains no dangerous substances and solely gives your dog healthy, beneficial, and natural elements.

What is PupLabs Fresh Breathies

Scientifically Formulated


NAC Approved


100% All Natural


100% Money-Back Guarantee

How does PupLabs Fresh Breathies Work

Fresh Breathies' high-quality, natural ingredients work together to efficiently freshen the dog's breath from the inside out. The ingredients in Fresh Breathies can help a dog's digestive health in a variety of ways. Each chew, for example, contains a blend of prebiotic fibers that support a dog's gut microbiota and feed intestinal microorganisms.

Many dogs have bad breath owing to gastric issues rather than dental problems. If the dog's digestive system is having difficulty breaking down the food it eats, it may begin to have bad breath.

Fresh breathies By Pup Labs is also NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) approved. The NASC monitors manufacturers to ensure they are using the best, purest ingredients for dogs. It allows pet owners to relax knowing that the items are safe for their animals to eat while also giving another degree of legitimacy to pet products.

Bad breath and other oral disorders in dogs are caused by intestinal issues and poor dental hygiene. Gingival inflammation, together with plaque and tartar, causes a variety of dental problems over time.

Fresh Breathies by PupLabs Chews Provide a Reasonable Solution to Dogs' Bad Breath and Intestinal Issues

Its natural formulation, which is high in prebiotics, aids in the elimination of intestinal inflammation and digestive disorders.

The components in PupLabs Fresh Breathies work together to promote healthy oral hygiene and fresh breath for dogs. The chew is intended to stimulate the teeth, regenerate the gums, and clean the dog's teeth.

Basically, the Pup Labs Fresh Brethies Supplement does these things:

  1. Less flatulence: If the dog has unpleasant farts, PupLabs FreshBreathies will help. This supplement also reduces odors at both ends of the dog's digestive tract.
  2. Better breath: If the dog has foul breath, the Fresh Breathies may help. The natural chemicals in the chews work to promote intestinal health and other aspects of health and fitness, allowing people to restore "sweet puppy breath."
  3. Digestive health: PupLabs Fresh Breathies, according to reports, help a dog's energy. Many dogs have low energy levels due to poor food absorption and intestinal problems. Fresh Breathies can improve the digestive health of dogs of all ages, increasing their vitality.
  4. Peace of mind: Dog owners can rest easy knowing that their pet is in good health. People can encourage various benefits from the inside out by giving their dogs Fresh Breathies on a daily basis. Poor gut health in their dog, for example, can have an impact on how well they absorb nutrients as well as other aspects of their health and fitness. People who support intestinal health can see benefits throughout their dog's body and health.
  5. Protect from age-related health decline: As dog's age, they are more likely to get illnesses and disorders. Fresh Breathies promotes healthy aging by combining natural superfoods. The PupLabs Fresh Breathies will protect the dog from bad breath, itching and scratching, watery feces, and other problems that become more common as the dog ages.
  6. Promote a healthy inflammatory response: Inflammation is a prevalent cause of disease and illness in both humans and animals. Pup Lab Fresh Breathies have been shown to promote a healthy inflammatory response. Typically, the dog's body sends inflammatory molecules to the location of an injury or infection, causing discomfort and mobility issues. By taking Fresh Breathies on a daily basis, the dog can benefit from a healthy inflammatory response, which has various advantages.
  7. Irritated and itchy skin: A dog may scratch more than usual. It could be a skin condition caused by inflamed, itchy skin. The skin of the dog might get dry at times, causing discomfort and irritation. At times, the dog develops unpleasant symptoms as a result of poor nutrient absorption. PupLabs Fresh Breathies will definitely help.

How are Fresh Breathies to be used


Provide the dog with one soft chew per day - If your dog weighs around 50 pounds, you must provide it with one soft chew every day. If it weighs more than 50 pounds, feed it two chews every day. One chew for every 50 pounds is a good rule of thumb.


Keep giving it every day for around 30 days. In general, the nutrients will take some time to take effect. It also takes time to rebalance the beneficial microbiome in the dog's intestines with additional germs.


Enjoy the dog's newfound energy and improved health - Beginning with week 1, you should notice a significant improvement in body odour, breath, energy, and stool consistency.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your order of PupLabs Fresh Breathies is covered by our 180-Day 100% Return Guarantee. If you're not impressed with PupLabs Fresh Breathies' results, drop us a line at support@getpuplabs.com and we'll refund every single penny.

PupLabs Fresh Breathies MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Benefits Of PupLabs Fresh Breathies

  • The product is completely safe for your dogs.
  • The flavor is out of this world.
  • It contains no wheat or corn.
  • Available in a delightful all-natural flavor.
  • Remove foul breath from the inside out.
  • It allows you to appreciate your healthier, more energetic, and happier dog.
  • Protect your dog from age-related problems.
  • Promotes gut health and strength
  • Helps with digestion and microbiome health.
  • Benefits your dog's digestive system and oral health.
  • Reduce dog inflammation, promote stronger bones, and alleviate joint discomfort.
  • It is made out of high-quality natural components.


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Natural Ingredients Make Drachen Effective

The ingredients in the Drachen formula are classified as HGH stimulators and GH factor complexes. When you use the formula, the following things happen in your body.

The levels of GH and HGH rise. The majority of the ingredients in the formula stimulate the production of HGH in individuals. However, the ingredients help to strengthen the muscles and improve your performance by doing so.


Yucca Extract:

PupLabs Fresh Breathies include yucca schidigera extract, which helps to eliminate undesirable dog odors. This organic component, sometimes known as Mojave yucca, can help with bad feces, bad breath, and bad body odor. According to Pup Labs, it also improves mineral absorption in the intestine.


Another popular green superfood ingredient, parsley has been linked to healthy joints and strong bones in animals. The parsley in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies promotes health and wellness in a variety of ways.

White button mushrooms:

White button mushrooms, often known as champignon mushrooms, are the most commonly grown mushrooms in the modern world. They are also the main ingredient in PupLabs Fresh Breathies. Pup Labs refers to the champignon mushroom as the "star ingredient" because of its ability to maintain a healthy gut flora, inflammatory response, and heart, among other benefits.


A well-known green superfood, spirulina possesses antioxidant capabilities that benefit health and well-being in a variety of ways. Pup Labs states that spirulina in Fresh Breathies promotes heart and intestinal health while also boosting the immune system.


The cinnamon in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can benefit dental and cardiovascular health in a variety of ways. It is, nevertheless, one of the formula's most effective components for eradicating foul breath from your dog. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies, like many mouthwashes and gums, contain cinnamon.

PupLabs Fresh Breathies Reviews

PupLabs Fresh Breathies Reviews
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PupLabs Fresh Breathies is a brand-new health product for dogs. Fresh Breathies, a product designed to promote a variety of benefits.

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PupLabs Fresh Breathies FAQs

Fresh Breathies are made with five all-natural ingredients that have been shown to support a healthy balance in your dog's gut microbiome and a healthy inflammatory response. This leads to fresher breath, less flatulence and body odours, firmer stools, less itching and scratching, more comfortable joints, and more energy. All of this is contained within a single chicken-flavored soft chew.

Pup Labs requires no more than two business days to process all incoming orders. A shipment may take 3 to 5 business days to arrive in the continental United States.

All of our products are backed by a 180-day, money-back guarantee. This means you'll have six months after receiving your package to decide if it's right for you.

Almost everyone who uses our products adores them, but if your experience is different...

Simply call or email our US-based customer service team, and you'll receive a full refund with no questions asked.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies contain approximately 5 nutrients that work effectively to safely restore the dog's health. The ingredient in the product has been clinically supported and is listed below.

Champignon Mushroom
Yucca Schidigera Extract

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